Ensuring a Seamless Experience for All

At Stellar, we are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible online experience for all our visitors. We strive to ensure that our website meets or exceeds the accessibility standards set forth by applicable laws and regulations.

Accessibility Features:

  1. Screen Readers: Our website is compatible with popular screen reading software to assist visually impaired users in accessing the content.

  2. Keyboard Navigation: You can navigate our website using keyboard-only commands, making it easier for individuals who have limited dexterity or prefer not to use a mouse.

  3. Visual Adjustments: We provide options to modify font sizes, color contrasts, and other visual settings to accommodate users with visual impairments or specific preferences.

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of our website. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact our customer support team. We are committed to continuously enhancing our website to ensure everyone can enjoy the Stellar experience.